Joomla Craigslist AutoResponder




  • Works with Every Version of Joomla!
  • Respond to Any Craigslist Ad
  • National and Local Responders
  • Unlimited Site Usage
  • Uses PHPMail and SMTP
  • Scrapes Phone Numbers
  • History Views
  • Create Unique Emails for Feeds
  • Use Craigslist Internal Search Engine to Find Feeds
  • Use Multiple Email Addresses for Responses
  • Uses Joomla! ACL
  • Free Installation Service Available


Craigslist Auto Responder for Joomla Videos & Overview

Joomla Craigslist: Respond to any Craigslist Ad 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. If you sell services, then this is the ultimate marketing tool for you. This system will search, find, respond and track any Craigslist Feed you want!

Get the leg up on your competition by responding faster, accurately and smoothly. Nothing else on Joomla compare to the marketing power of Craigslist Joomla.

Craigslist Auto Responder for Joomla Key Benefits

  • Key Benefits
    Reach hundreds of Craigslist users a day and get responses.
  • Support
    Assistance through our Forum, Knowledge Base, Chat and Support Ticket System.
  • Your Money
    Increase your sales revenue with just a little up front work to get the system going.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Not unless we can't get it to work on your server.
  • Will this really increase my sales?
    100% yes. Credit Card Payments increases online sales
  • How long has this been around for?
    We have been using this system fro four years.
  • Do you offer guidence?
    We offer a tremendous amount of guidance. It's key to being successful.
  • How many ads can I respond to in a day?
    Some users get up into the hundreds range. CL has daily limits of about 30 respnses a day per server. More servers you have the more responses.
  • Can I do hundreds a day?
    Do you have the time to set it up right? More servers you have the more responses.
  • Do you offer support?
    Yes. It seems like nearly 24 hours a day sometimes.
  • Do you offer refunds?
    Not unless we can't get it to work on your server.
  • How many sites (domains) can I use this on?
  • Who uses this thing?
    Anyone wanting to respond to an ad on CL for any reason.
  • What else do I need for this?
    Joomla. If you don't have Joomla (free CMS) we can install it for you for a small fee.

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